Monday, May 16, 2011

White Sands National Monument

We enjoyed a very HOT afternoon at White Sands National Monument.

The entrance fee is $3.00 per person but our America the Beautiful Pass covers our admission cost. FYI If you are planning a visit here, bring your crazy carpet. We didn't and had to pay $10.00 for a used saucer and could have received $3.00 back if we returned it but we decided to keep it incase we see more dunes like we did beside Arches National Park. (New ones are $14.50 each with a $5.00 refund if you return it)

You can safely drive your RV along the park roads. They keep the road clear of blowing sands and the parking areas are very compact.

The sand was very cool to the touch, and almost cold when you dug down, and the wind was nice for the most part. (from the top of the hill it felt like it was sand blasting wear sunglasses to keep your eyes girls wouldn't keep their's on and shed a few tears) It (the wind) cooled down the hot temperature. Our air conditioning in the truck died today so we are baked potatoes now and anything cool is appreciated here.
The dunes on the drive through the park

Shortly the roads get a dusting of sand

Then vegetation gets scarce and only sand can be seen for miled


Sierra climbing up the hill...much harder then it looks!

Going down by herself for the first time and it was much faster alone!

1,2,3 lift off


oopppsss not such a graceful landing :)

Aayla had just as much fun sitting and playing
 in the sand as she did sledding

Lift off

I love the ripples

A fun off to find a Ford Dealership to look at the air conditioning
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