Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto, Ontario

We have wanted to go to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto since it opened and this month we went as a part of our local homeschool group.
However the price tag for admission was hard to swallow so we never went. The AZA reciprocal programs are wonderful (mainly in States) but coming home to Canada and having to pay full price kills me. Maybe I am too cheap but to me an afternoon at the Aquarium is not worth over $100 when we have been able to visit so many Zoo's and Aquariums for FREE or half price in the States.

Ripley's in Toronto does offer educational rates for school groups and homeschool groups. The cost is $10 per student (Reg $16.98) plus hst and staff /parents are $25.48 plus hst (reg $26.98). With these educational prices if your child has a diagnosis then they have a free worker. At the time we went I had one with an Autism diagnosis so my admittance was free and only my husband had to pay. Now if we went again my husband could also attend for free as my other daughter now has an Autism diagnosis too. This makes the aquarium extremely affordable for families with special needs children.  Regular homeschool families still get over charged in my opinion.

I'd still prefer their pricing to be like Ripley's in the Smokies where all homeschool families can walk up to the door, show proof of homeschooling and get in for $7.14 US plus tax and one adult per 10 kids is free. Extra adults pay the same rates as the students. They also offer affordable classes for Homeschool groups...So Ripley's of Toronto why do you not have a supportive Homeschool policy for us? I've emailed them before but got no response. Enough of that, it makes me upset.

On to our fieldtrip!
 With everything I've said above, Ripley's still is a great aquarium and where they built it in Toronto was an engineering feat! I just wish their pricing was comparable to their US counterparts. I'll let the pictures tell the story.


Petting the horseshoe crabs in the touch tanks

This crawl through tunnel was a lot of fun

 The conveyor belt walkway through the shark tank was one of our favourite exhibits.

Oh no they crashed the sub


 The jelly fish exhibit with the coloured lights that make them change colours was our favourite exhibit.

We did enjoy our day here but even after seeing the Aquarium I would not return for full price. It's nice, but not that nice.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Back in Ontario

Our first month back in Ontario we were parked at our old neighbours in their driveway. We weren't sure we would fit up their driveway but we made it.
And had a nice little snug spot in their yard.
It was a little weird to be parked right next door to our old house but even though it was only 4 months ago it felt like a life time ago. It's amazing how fast life changes in such short periods of time. I loved travelling so much I didn't and don't miss the old house at all. The river view is hard sometimes but when you move and park all over and your back yard changes daily or weekly there really is no need to have the same view day in and day out.

This first month back has been full of many Dr's and specialist appointments. Also getting back to gymnastics, circus class and starting rock climbing.

We have caught up with old homeschool friends and had some nice nature walks.

We had a Homeschool Group trip to Ripleys Aquarium.
We have scored season 1 Shopkins from Walmart.
We got a new dog...well OK not a real dog but a new puppy from Ikea along with some things for the new rig.
 We have had many afternoons at the playground.

It's been a busy first month back in Ontario.