Saturday, May 7, 2011

FREE BLM Camping near Goblin Valley State Park Utah

To find his BLM Free camping follow 24 North from Hanksville. Turn Left on Temple Valley Road. Continue on and PASS the road to Goblin Valley on your left. (about 7 miles) Directly after there are spots to camp on your left. If you continue around the corner you will find a compact gravel camping area with toilet facilities. This area was too busy for us so we continued on. There are numerous spots that are rough and suitable for small to midsize RV's or tent camping. We couldn't find a vacant space large enough for us so we ended up parking in the second gravel lot and are so glad we did. There are litle ruins from an old homestead hat were fun to explore for the girls.

Value 5/5

Site Quality 4.5/5
Where we parked in the second compact gravel area with toilets we were quite happy. The area was level, had fire pits and newer picnic tables. There was an area with shade covering but it was taken while we were there.

Facility Fun 5/5
We had a lot of fun exploring the ruins and hiking up some of he ATV trails. There are numerous trails for hiking, quadding, mountain biking in he BLM land.

Natural Surroundings 4.5/5
We were parked at he base of 3 beautiful mountains. The trails were plenty and the colours of the setting sun on all 3 mountains was amazing.

Bathrooms 4/5
There is no running water, but toileta are available in the crushed gravel parking areas. They were very clean and well maintained.

Staff N/A

Location 4/5
Being close to soo many hiking posibilities and natural beauty i was great if you like the great outdoors. The only thing within 25 miles is Goblin Valley State Park. So if you are interested in this Park and want to camp for FREE or if their campground is full, this is an excellent location.

Overall 4.5/5
We LOVED this spot. If we had our quads we could have stayed here longer. here are sooo many trails to choose from. The old homestead ruins were perfect for our girls to explore. hey even spent some time time trying to fix them up by adding more rocks into he cracks :) They had a blast!

The "toilets"

One of the 4 ruins we found

Mounain behind us

This is he first area just past the road to Goblin Valley State Park

The first crushed gravel area which was too busy for us.
It appears to be a very popular area. We like to be a bit
further away from everyone.

Our campsite as the sunsets...the reflective colours were amazing

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