Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Navajo Lake State Park, driving through New Mexico and Orilla Verde BLM

We woke this am at Navajo Lake State Park. We stopped here as it was late, dark and we couldn't easily find a boondocking site. We really need to do laundry and if we don't find one soon you might start seeing us in our birthday suits! LOL :)

I am not going to do a regular review for this park as we arrived late and left early so I don't think it would be a fair review.  This space was $10 for the night and $14 with electric, as are all the State Parks in New Mexico. Here are a few wet pictures from our departure.

Large pull through site with picnic table/fire pit behind

picnic table and fire pit

View behind us down to the lake
Playground which was too wet to play on :(

From here we travelled through some ever changing weather


And more snow

Yes that's hail

We saw many of these. Everywhere there are oil drills.

And ended up stopping at Orilla Verde BLM Recreational Area. It was beautiful. The mountains on one side and the river on the other. (review to follow this post)

but it is in a valley and there is no interenet service within about 8 miles north or south.

We paid $15 to say here because we needed to hook into electricity even more then we need laundry. We made a boo boo last night and drained our RV batteries...big oops! So we bought a charger in Taos at Walmart to give them a full 3 cycle charge and are now researching solar ideas. If anyones has some ideas on solar we'd love to hear them :)
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