Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABCD ... A Blog Centerline Day

It's may 1st and A Blog Centerline Day... being held by Gary France.

This is me...Brooke Foster on the road to the Palatki Ruins on Dry Creek Road in Sedona Arizona. I chose this area because we are on a 140 day road trip from Vancouver BC, through 28 States, and 4 Provinces. For the past two days have been in Sedona and I must say...I am in LOVE with Sedona. I can not get enough of all the beautiful red coloured rocks. Red in the hills, red on the road, red dust, red sand, RED as far as the eye can see...plastered in front of the beautiful blue sky. A match made in heaven for sure. I beleieve I could look at them, hike around them and photograph them all for days. Sadly we leave tomorrow but we are on the way to the Grand Canyon so there are plenty more amazing sights to see on our trip.
Thanks Gary for hosting this A Blog Centerline Day...I look forward to seeing everone's pictures.
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