Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The remainder of June...

The remainder of June...

More visiting with friends... and lots and lots of playing in the steam beside the campground.

 We collected rocks to paint.

I found a heart rock.

Many frog friends were caught and released.

And other critters.

Sierra catching critters in the stream.
You can see the top of our RV just above the brush line.

 We found this Dark first.

 There was many, many more times in the pool but not so many pictures of it.

 Last but not least we went to see Finding Dory in the theatre with friends.

We also had our tire pressure monitor put on while we were here.

Now we are off to the Huntsville area.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

REVIEW Yogi Bear's Camp Jellystone, Toronto, Ontario

Yogi Bear's Camp Jellystone Toronto was our second Jellystone park to ever visit. Our first was this past winter at Madison Florida. See my review for that park HERE.

Yogi Bear's Camp Jellystone Toronto location is actually located at 3666 Simcoe County Rd 88 in Bond Head, Ontario. Heading North on the 400 from Toronto you would use exit 64, then head West on 88th. Jellystone is shortly after you cross the overpass on your right. Keep your eyes peeled as the signage was overgrown a bit and at an angle. With all the trees and shrubs around it, it is easy to drive by and not spot it until it is too late.

VALUE 2.5/5 (Based on our pre-season price and activities available)
We paid the pre-season rate which was a discounted rate to $54.95CAD plus tax ($62) a night because we booked for mid June. July and Aug rates would be another $40 per night on top for a total of $94.95 ($107) a night!

There is a coupon online for $10 off your stay of two nights or more but it is only valid in July and Aug. Also if you book seven days you get 10% off your stay. I found the $62 pre-seaon price to be very high. There were no extra activities available except Yogi Bear wandering around the campsites every morning. Basically there was a pool and a playground for use. The new Jump pads were not available. There were no wagon rides or movies. The pedal cars and mini golf cost extra.

We booked a companion site with our friend and his kids. He paid the same fees as we did too but his camper was able to pull in the other direction so our two campers faced each other and we could share a common fire pit. Our site was on a grade so we had to raise one side of our RV by a few inches in order to get it even. Otherwise the site was long, large, beautiful grass, mature trees and spacious. Our pad was crushed gravel and we had water, 30 amp electric and sewer services.

FACILITY FUN 3/5 (based on our preseason mid June visit)
To be honest we were disappointed to pay so much in mid June (at their discounted rate which was still expensive). Especially since all their activities are only done in July and Aug.

Even if they only did a simple activity on the weekends like face painting, hula hoops or colouring for 20 minutes, it would have been something. Mid June on the weekend was very busy but still nothing was offered. No movie nights or wagon rides even. All that was available was Yogi Bear visiting the campsites. One morning he was particular energetic and that was the highlight of our visit! The pool was great and there was a playground. Mini golf and pedal cars available for a fee.

The park is situated along the 400 Hwy from Toronto heading North but it was amazingly pretty quiet. It was just far enough away to be able to drown out most of the traffic noise. The park had large grassy sites and lots of mature trees. There park itself was nice to walk around.

I only entered the bathrooms that were beside the pool and they were dreary and smelled very musty.

The staff here were all amazing. They were very helpful and polite. The Manager really went above what was necessary to help Sierra have a good birthday week by giving her free golf clubs for mini golf when she was bored during the week.

My only complaint about location is how close it is to the 400 hwy. However it was so close that the noise from the Hwy was bothersome. It is pretty close to Toronto so you can easily do day trips and go out and explore if you wanted. They have a great list on their website HERE of all the nearby attractions.

Overall we were a little disappointed. We already had a monthly spot booked elsewhere but wanted to go somewhere really fun for Sierras birthday so we chose here. In the end Sierra was bored here as there really wasn't much available to do in mid June.

The resort looks wonderful. It's very well maintained (except the pool washrooms) nicely manicured and the staff buzz around like bees constantly cleaning and organising, picking up trash, cutting grass etc. Nice laundry room but no Wifi at all.

For the price, we feel there should be more provided. Really the Jump pad (stated on website to be new for summer 2016 but wasn't available in mid June), a small activity or two on the weekend would have raised this rating by a lot. I'm sure my rating would be higher if we went in July or Aug as all their activities would be available, including theme weekends. We'd be paying a very high price though so those activities would have to be top notch to warrant my paying $107 a night. I can stay in the Florida Keys for the same cost.
Site #5 companion site to our friend in site #4
Pool area
Playground located to the East of the pool
Laundry facilities were very nice.

Canadian Habitats aka Yurts for rent

Some of the campsites in the row behind us
Covered meeting area

Community fire pit

Pedal cars available for rent singles $10 an hour, 4 seaters $20 an hour

Mini golf $5 plus a deposit for clubs
This Yogi full of shenanigans was the high light
 of our camping trip here

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jellystone Toronto for Sierra's 10th Birthday

We have a reservation at Craigleith Carefree for the month of June but we took a few days away to celebrate Sierras 10th birthday. We loved our time at Madison Jellystone in Florida this winter, so we thought we would give our local Toronto Jellystone a try.

Our friends camped beside us in a companion site for the weekend (see our old trailer in the background above) and Sierras cousin joined us as well. Nana came for a couple days too.

When we first arrived the girls could barely wait to get the trailer set up. They wanted to jump straight in the pool.

After swimming we played some Mini Golf.

My favourite part of the whole birthday camping experience was our first morning at Jellystone. Yogi Bear must have just risen from hibernation as he was so energetic, fun and mischievous.

After Yogi posed for a couple pictures he spotted the scooter and that is when the shenanigans began.

 He tried to jump in the jeep but just as he was about too Ian opened the trailer door and it must have scared Yogi as he jumped out very quickly.

And he ran right over to Ian and hugged him as if to say sorry.

Then it was time to Hula Hoop!

 After all that running around he was tired so he stole Nanas chair for a rest.

 Bye Yogi! Thanks for making our first morning here super fun!

 Saturday was birthday party day.
Birthday nails
 We made Tie Dye T-Shirts and picture frames.

 Yogi came for a visit but he must have stolen too many "pic-a-nik" baskets earlier in the day as he was moving kind of slow. After the fun we had the other morning it was a let down that he came, took a picture and went. Sierra asked me why he didn't do any pranks so I just said he was sleepy. The shenanigans at the party would have been amazing!
 Then it was off to the pool time...
And Slip n slide fun time for those who didn't want to swim long...
 And presents...

And cake...

 And out door games...

For some evening fun I found these glow in the dark balloons which were a big hit!

We are Yogi Club members so they sent Sierra a birthday card in the mail and it entitles her to a gift from the treat box.

 Making her pillow after the party was done.
 I think she had a pretty fun time. Ian also rented some pedal cars for them but by the time I finished the dishes they gave up on pedalling them and took them back so no pictures!

The website stated that they had new jump pads coming for 2016 but all their extra activities and movie night, only run in July and Aug. No other activities were available which was a bit disappointing since we had so much fun at the Madison Florida location in April but we made due.

Happy Double Digits Sierra! We LoVe you!