Thursday, May 5, 2011

Desert View Drive and onto Horseshoe Bend!

We left the Grand Canyon via Desert View Drive and got a neat little treat. We stopped at this view point:

We saw more elk on our way out

and in the distance saw a building up on the hill

so we drove on to see what it was. It was a neat little watch tower that you could climb up to the top. Sierra thought it was so fun!

The view from the tower

Our last look at he Grand Canyon...until next time...

From here we said goodbye to the Grand Canyon for the last time and headed towards Page Arizona and Horseshoe Bend.

I was very hot and really too difficult of a treck for the girls (if you have a 3 and a 4 year I don't recommend this treck). It's downhill on the way there but the path is deep sand and the sand was HOT.

The view of the bend from the distance

They did enjoy stacking stones

Found another HEART rock

but despite the whinning we finally made it to the look off and it was amazing!

Thankfully Daddy had enough energy to carry them both up the last bit of hill.
We then headed past Page to the Glen Canyon Recreation Area
to Lone Rock Beach to camp for the night. There is a $15 entrance fee to the park but it was free with our America the Beautiful Pass. To camp for the night it was $10.00. We paid for one night and headed straight for the beach. This is a wonderful spot for kids and adults. The water is fun for the girls and we enjoyed a peaceful evening sitting out under the stars, a nice warm night too!

Aayla was napping at this point and when I woke her up she was too groggy to enjoy the beach at this time.
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and the night sky was amazing.

Ian pulling the pin on his Firestarter Vodka from Vegas

The night sky was beautiful
 Another beautiful day set in stone in our memories...
PS please pardon the lack of an occasional "t" in posts lately. My t on the laptop is acting up. I try o go back and fix them but I am sure some are slipping past me :)
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