Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rock Hound State Park and bye bye Fasty

Today we have been LAZY!!! Resting, relaxing, playing and even a couple siestas in this hot heat :)
We are staying at Rock Hound State Park  so we did manage to take a walk up the trail to try our hand at finding gems and geodes.

But when we got up there the rocky ground was so hard their little plastic shovels couln't dig very much at all. So we picked up a few interesting rocks,

came back and washed them all off to sort the keepers. (I think we've added an extra 50 pounds of rocks on this trip to our weight. Their rock boxes are filled to the brim) We didn't find any gems persay but we found a few rocks with crystals and I scored with 6 heart rocks <3
Today was the perfect day to go into town to do laundry, and part of the reason for staying two nights here but it was so hot and drained all my energy so hopefully we will find a laundromat on our travels tomorrow. Until then I guess I better stop complaining about it! Might have to turn our clothes inside out ;) or I might have to do a few essentials the old fashioned way...after all washing machines weren't always around. Found some info on when washing machines were invented HERE. Might have to look for an old fashioned washboard!

We told Sierra yesterday that we would have to let Fasty go soon as he hasn't been eating any of the bugs we have caught for him. This afternoon she came to me and asked if we could let him go...she talked to him and he wants to "go find his family".

So we all said our goodbyes

And he scuried away to the safety of a nearby cactus.

Bye Bye Fasty...we will miss you! It has been a nice couple of days having a "pet" on the road and Sierra has done such a great job making sure he had enough sun and shade on the drives, looking for spiders, ants and crickets to feed him. Mommy was the lucky one to have to catch them though. When we first caught Fasty Sierra asked why he was hiding. I told her he is probably scared because he doesn't know where he is going and Sierra said to me, "yes he does...I told him we are driving today!"  She has been a great little caretaker of our litle lizard friend.

FYI Don't catch these jumping spiders for lizard food...they attack all the crickets...he was a mean little fellow, snarling and raising his hairy fangs at you

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