Monday, May 2, 2011

Boondocking above Sedona REVIEW

Everywhere in Sedona is off limits for boondocking. You can't even park without a Parking Pass. When we stopped and asked the Forest services where we could boondock, they sent us back to where we just came from :) We decided there must be a new place to try. Since 89A is off limits to vehicles over 50' we couldn't take the trailer too far out of town. So we headed back to the I-17 North to exit 320 and went in search of a camping area in Munds Mountain Wilderness Area which is still in the Coconino National Forest.

We were searching for a spot that would hold our trailer, found one, dumped the trailer and continued down the road. We passed a spot with a view and I made Ian stop, let me out so me and the girls could hold the spot while he went back to get the trailer. Such a good sport! (Thanks babe!) In the summer this would have been an amazing spot with a wonderful view and only a minute away from Schnebly Hill Vista

An AMAZING view! The space we found was actually almost the last available spot to camp before you hit the Vista where no more camping is allowed.

This road through Munds Wilderness area is a dirt road and comes with the bumps and dust you'd expect on a dirt road but it wasn't too bad. Schnebly Hill Rd which starts at the Vista and heads for 5 miles to Sedona is extremely BAD! There is no way you would want to take a trailer or even a camper on it. It's full of wash out and uneven surfaces but has many amazing views along it if you can stand the bumpy ride :)

Value 5/5

Site Quality 3/5
These are all rough sites which we don't mind but it limits who can travel here. If you do travel here, bring levelers as some areas are really rocky. There were many sites to choose from and quite a few of them were suitable for larger RV's (and were level). However most of these larger ones were further in on the dirt road. There were some grassy field spots, as well as fully treed spots. Each site would be different but ours was fairly even (where we parked but the "driveway" area was very rocky).

Facility Fun 3/5
You are about 1 minute away from the amazing scenic overlook pictured above, and then 5 miles until the town of Sedona but you need a proper vechile to travel down into Sedona from here. I hate to rate it a 3 but there weren't any trails that we could see to hike, just the overlook (which was amazing) and it was soooOOoo cold! In the summer I am sure sitting around a campfire, and staring at your view would be amazing but it was so cold we barely had a campfire.

Natural Surroundings 5/5
The view is worth a 5! The ride down and up Schnebly Hill Rd is incredible!!! There isn't much else up here as far as trails etc, but the view...oh how I love the red cliffs!

Bathrooms N/A

Staff N/A

Location 3.5/5
The area is remote and not easily asscessable. That being said it is FREE camping, with a view, and less then 20 minutes from Sedona.

Overall 4/5
We love to 4X4 so the road didn't bother us. We LOVED the view so driving up and down Schnebly Hill Road 4 times was worth it. We would have preferred some warmer weather to enjoy the view a bit more at the campsite but in reality we weren't at the site much this time. We were soaking up all we could in Sedona.

View from the "driveway" area of our site

zoomed in on our view

zoomed in even further

Small parking area or tent area in fron of the fire

We parker higher up as there was a patch of flat area unlike the rocky
driveway area pictured here

Trailer parked on the semi flat area

As we are pulling out

The driveway area has the best view

View from the campfire...not too bad :)

Hills in the background

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