Friday, May 13, 2011

Taos and Earthships!!!

Poor Aayla was sick all night long. She has never been so sick before and it was a scary night for her and us and if we though we needed to do laundry before...we certainly do now. Thankfully we over packed for the girls a bit.

She was feeling better in the morning so we packed up to look for a laundromat. Our plan was just o stay at Walmart tonight as Taos Walmart allows boondocking. It's about the only RV friendly place in town. There is NO boondocking to be found, or at least hat we could find. Parking a beast is just about impossible, and our search for an RV dump went no where. One place we stopped at charged $10 to dump...I think not. Do some of you really pay that? Boy I must be cheap...that or spoiled so far with our luck.

We continued through town and ended up at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

And stopped a another RV place along the way. This one was an Escapees member, so we stopped in to ask them how much it would be to pay to dump...just dump, not water. Their fee...$15. I said thanks anyway and the lady told me I wouldn't find a cheaper one in town. So I told her I just found one in town for $10 and I wouldn't pay that either. I have travelled from BC and have not had to pay to dump yet and don't plan on starting with a $10 or $15 fee. We'd make do until something free came along and left. The funny thing is that since we are Escapee members we could have stayed there for the night for about $16...$1 more then just to dump!

After leaving we headed towards Earthship Biotecture just planning to have a look around before heading out of Taos...

Earthship Biotecture Visitors Centre. Tours are $5

Well we decided "when in Rome"...and rented an Earthship for the night. We have been looking for land at home to build one so we thought staying in one and seeing how they work would be valuable in our design plans. We stayed at Corner Cottage.


We LOVED the Earthship. Not only Ian and me but the girls too. Sierra had so much fun. She LOVED the greenhouse and the fact that here were plants growing in her room and crickets chirping, and dirt and rocks...all inside her bedroom! Too good to be true for a 4 year old. She is now excited to go home and start building our own :)

Sierra racing through the greenhouse

Stopping long enough to choose her wedding bouquet

 She found some litle friends too.

Aayla loved the swing but she also had fun drawing and building her own earthships.

We now know for sure that our plan to build an earthship is right for the family :)
Some other little deails from the Cotage Corner

The sunset was beautiful

 The moon was beautiful and sitting and watching he stars from inside the greenhouse was spectacular!
But Alas, the morning came and we had to pack up and leave.

As sad as that was we found a new friend.

Some of the oher Earthships in the community

So everyone at can start saving your pretty coloured bottles for us. I am sure regular bottles and tin cans will collect fairly quickly.
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