Tuesday, May 31, 2011

REVIEW Apalachicola National Forest Florida... almost free :)

There are only 3 National Forests in Florida. This one, the Apalachicola, is located South West of Tallahassee. We entered it from the South Western entrance. (there are entrances on the other side and from the north as well) To get here from Pensacola on the 98, turn left (north) at 65 (paved). Continue on 65 until you enter the National Forest. You will then continue North until you see a brown sign (signs are easy to spot) pointing to the left stating the direction of Hickory Landing and Wright lake at Forest Rd 101 (gravel) on your left. At Forest Rd 101A turn left to go to Hickory Landing, or go straight and then right for Wright Lake.

Value 5/5
It doesn't get any closer to free then $3 per night.

Site Quality 3/5
The site was off level a bit but that was partially to do with the fact that we had to back up over the raised tent camping area in order to fit in our RV. No services. Picnic table and fire pit at site.

Facility Fun 3/5
If you like to fish this is probably a great area to do it. Ian forgot to buy his fishing licesnce so he didn't give it a try. There are stations throughout the campground to clean your fish as well as running water by the boat dock. Lake looked like a great spot for a canoe ride :) No trails nearby that we saw. This really is a fishing campsite.

Natural Surroundings 3.5/5
All the sites are near the water. Beautiful mix of pine trees and palm trees surrounding the campsites. Lots of trees and lots of shade but also lots of biting bugs (like a deer fly at home, brownish yellow and they bite and OFF doesn't seem to repel them) Great spot for fishing, canoeing, or kayaking.

Had out houses but we didn't go in.

Staff N/A
Camphost wasn't present, no other campers, only the occasional boater

Location 3/5
This was a bit out of the way to get to and nothing of much interest nearby that we saw. Wright Lake is just up the road with more fishing and a few trails.

Overall 3.5/5
There are no good beaches along the coast just before turning onto 65 which from looking on the map we hoped to stay here in the forest for a couple of days, and venture down to a beach and return to sleep in the forest but since there were no beaches and Ian forgot to buy his fishing lisence we stayed only 1 night. There were too many biting flys to spend too much time outside anyway.

Another campsite

and another campsite...pretty basic

Beautiful Pines and Palms surround the campground

Sunset on the water

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