Saturday, May 7, 2011

Goblin State Park and Arches National Park (Delicate Arch at dusk)

We woke up this morning and headed to Goblin Valley State Park
which was only about 10 miles from where we had our FREE BLM camping last night. There is a $7.00 entrance fee but we asked how much it would be to do an RV dump and they said we could with a paid entrance. There is no drinking water but you can dump if you ask. Well worth $7.00 to see the park and dump.

I heard about this park from a couple of differen places all saing it was a great place for kids to run, jump, climb on all the "Goblins" in the park. We weren't disappointed! Well Aayla was a bit frusrated watching her big sister climb up all the big "goblins" and she just wasn't quite big enough to do herself. She is so independant she didn't want help which led to a few tears and screech's as she was terrified when she climbed up and couldn't get down.

There were a couple of groups here playing tag as well. How fun would that be? I think pretty fun and they looked like they were having a blast! Older kids were jumping from one "goblin" o the next and climbing the cliffs.

Some pictures from our time there:

Daddy explaining to the girls the park rules...
bring lots of water, sunscreen etc

Sierra couldn't run in fast enough

The "goblins"

Which look like mushrooms to me

Aayla wanting to climb up where Sierra just scurried up

Wooowww! Aayla tries running down

and switches to a bum scoot

A fairy princess onto of her mushroom home

more of a mountain goat then a fairy princess today

Trying to figure out how she can get over this

Loving the "slides"

On her way up

Poor Aayla, by the time she gets to where Sierra was,
Sierra has moved onto something else

We drove just over 160 km's today and found a FREE camping spot about 1 mile from 313 entrance to Canyonlands National Park, about 3 Miles from the entrance to Arches National Park and about 15 minutes from downtown Moab. (Review to be posted after this post)

When we arrived there was a horse trailer with 3 horses just leaving from their ride. The girls got to go over and say hello to Kip one of the grey horses.

Afterwards he girls went exploring and hit the jackpot! Someone had collected rocks, and sliced them in the lot where we are camping. The pieces were strewn all over, half buried in the sand. They ran around collecting them all and then found a pile of bits and pieces of "scraps". Some are very beautiful and all FREE. They both filled their rock boxes here :) So yes Grammy Sue you will get some new rocks!
After we got camp set up I headed into Arches National Park to try to hike to Delicate Arch in time for the sunset. Sierra stayed with daddy to watch the hockey game and Aayla came with me. (I actually like hockey and hate to miss the games but the setting sun keeps calling me away)

We didn't stop anywhere as I wanted to make sure we arrived in time. The hike is about 3 miles problem! Ha! What they don't tell you is it's all uphill on the way there. I was able to take the stroller about half way, then I carried Aayla most of the rest of the way. She did get down and walk through some spots which were safe for her to walk. It was very windy and very high and even though she wanted to walk a lot of the way, I wouldn't le her.
ToooOOoo windy for Aayla
So I tried to convince her to sit under the ledge but that only lasted a few minutes
View through the arch of the mountains

My prize for the hike :)
I think the real arch looks way better then the photo Ian suggested I take to save myself a hike!

Since it was so windy we did not go down and stand by the arches for a picture; many others were. I wanted to stay for the sunset, but after 20 minutes of being blasted by the wind Aayla was ready to go. I was happy to have made it here for the setting sun and I forgot a flashlight so we left.

Our pahway back down

The sun lighting up this part of the downward trail
Back to camp we went. Tomorrow morning we will all come and try to hike to Landscape Arch.

WELCOME to D.Ford and Doug Bidniak. Thanks for following along on our journey. May you enjoy he ride.
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