Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boondocking REVIEW Magnolia Beach, Texas, FREE Camping

This is a great little beach and not busy at all (at least not when we were here). We had a few neighbours but they were well spaced, quiet and it felt like we had the beach to ourselves.

Heading to Port Lavaca from Chorpus Christi on the 35 turn right on 87 and immediately turn right on Alcoa Dr. Turn Right onto 238. This continues straight and turns into 316. Turn left onto farm rd 2760. This ends at the beach but you have to continue left and then right to get down to Beach drive. The beach is 8 miles long and there are a few different places you can pull off and camp.

Value 5/5
FREE and no time limit so we were told. There are no signs posting anything differently.

Site Quality 5/5
Amazing crushed shell beach which is perfectly flat. No services but a boondocking gem!

Facility Fun 4/5
8 miles of shell beach...mostly crushed shells but there are beauties to be found and we found 5 large hermit crabs as well. Right beside us are covered picnis tables with garbage and recycling bins, and a barbeque pit. Washrooms, a playground, a public boat launch and RV dump site are near by so we are told. However we loved the beach so much we didn't venture further down to find them. Many birds and nearby bird watching trails and did I mention the fabulous beach you can park for FREE on!

Natural Surroundings 4.5/5
If you love beaches you will love it here. There is a constant breeze but it is so refreshing. The water is warm and not much seaweed so you can enjoy a swim and the beaches are CLEAN. Most beaches we have seen in Texas have been full of debris) It is fairly deep and not much beach area before a small drop and then it gradually gets deeper, fairly quickly (My 4 1/2 year old was fine, my 3 year old was a bit timid of the drop). The water seems a bit murky but the small waves are constantly rolling against the drop off and stirring up the water. Shells galore as well as various bird and nearby bird watching trails. Fishing and crabbing right on the beach.
Bathrooms ???

Staff N/A

Location 4/5
A beautiful beach only 12 miles SE of Port lavaca where you have all your basic needs. This beach is fairly unknown and therefore very quiet.

Overal 4.5/5
Amazing FREE camping on the BEACH. Each morning I awoke and was still amazed that this is FREE and no time limit! A stroll along the 8 mile beach lands you handfulls of beautiful shells when you search. The beach is made up of broken shells but there are good shells to be found. Many variety of shore birds present, few people nearby. We enjoyed a few peaceful, quiet, sun, surf and sand filled days. We didn't do any exploring other then strolling along the beach. We enjoyed our time on this wonderful beach and will make this a stop for sure on any trip back to the Texas coast!
Our site right on the beach with no near by neighbours

The Picnic table areas...this one had a tent camper beside it
but RV's have to park off on the side on the beach

Some of our Hermit Crab friends

A sea gull on the close up of the crush shell beach

The beach at dusk

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