Thursday, May 26, 2011

On our way to Louisiana

We left Port Arthur Walmart, heading towards Louisiana. On the way as we were heading South toward the 82 in Louisiana and spotted another playground while crossing a huge bridge. This playground looked amazing from the distance but when we got out we soon realized it isn't really the best of areas. We ran into school on a class trip and the teachers were like, "why'd you come here?" The playground smelled like...pardone me... urine so we only played for a few minutes and got out of there. It's too bad as from the distance it looked like it was another amazing playground like the one we found HERE.

Around lunchtime we were passing by Lake Charles Louisiana and stopped into Darrell's to have a Shrimp Po Boy. I had heard these were amazing and they were delisious! I'd recomend a stop here if you are near Lake Charles. We had a hard time finding parking for our trailer but we found a shop on the street directly behind Darrell's that let us park there while we walked over for lunch.The restaurant doesn't look like much inside or out but the food was yummy!

We drove until Gozales and found the Cabela's.

 The girls enjoyed all the taxidermied animals and the fish tank!

And we enjoyed our lakefront...yes I said lakefront spot for the night at Cabela's. They use the lake as a test launching site so people can try out the boats before they buy them. We were the only RV there. There were a couple of trucks when we arrived but they left shortly after we arrived so we had the lot all to ourselves.

We have never stayed at a Cabela's before so I am not sure if they all do this or not, but this Cabela's had dog kennels and horse corrals for animals, as well as a free RV dump. We really needed the dump so this was a great surprise.

Sierra and Aayla both enjoyed pretending to be puppies in the kennels.
 Our Cabela's sunset was beautiful!

Tomorrow we arrive in New Orleans.
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