Thursday, May 19, 2011

On our way to San Antonio and some relief from the heat

After one very long day of driving (548 HOT km's), one night at a rest stop just inside the Texas State line (with loud trucks and a noisy windmill), one night at Del Rio Walmart (which has designated RV Parking),

I guess the truckers thought they were in RV's???
we finally arrived at Hidden Valley RV Park. (See Review in the next day or two)

We didn't do much sight seeing on the way as we wanted to get here as quick as we could as tomorrow morning is our appointment to get the air conditioning fixed. Can everyone say YEAH?!!! It has been a very HOT few days.

We drove basically all day from the Texas State line but stopped at a small park on the way in Fort Stockton called Rooney Park. The park was nice but it needed some help in the garbage area (and a new coat of paint on their sign).
There were garbage cans everywhere but I guess people are just too lazy to walk that far. As we first pulled up it was so littered Ian actually did a walk around before the girls were allowed to play to look for "things" which shouldn't be on a playground just in case.

Sierra the bug queen finds another roly poly friend

Despite the debris lying around everywhere we managed to enjoy our lunch here, play for a bit and head back out onto the road again.

We drove until past supper time and stopped at Govenors Landing at Amistad National Recreational Area. There is no day use fee here but if you want to launch a boat I think the fee was $4.00. Apparently the Bass fishing here is really good.

We pulled off here as we heard there was supposed to be an RV dump such luck. I guess I should have checked their website first!

There was however a nice little campground more suitable for small RV's or tents but there were 2 pull throughs that we saw. It was right on the water and had only a couple community water taps for services.

Not a bad little campground for only $8.00 a night. However we thought maybe we were mistaken about the name where the RV dump was as Amistad has a few different areas, so we continued on. Our next stop was off of Spur Rd 454 which had another nice little camping area (no water service but only $4.00 per night) and further down the dead end road we came to the lake, which is rocky, but wet and we were HOT!

No time to change, we all just jumped in!

Welcome Wishes to Kevin and Ruth of Travel with Kevin and Ruth. I have been a follower of their blog for a few months and have enjoyed reading about their time in Nova Scotia lately especially their time in Briar Island, a place full of childhood memories for me. Thanks for joining us on our journey.
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