Sunday, May 29, 2011

On our way to Pensacola Florida and Thank you Walmart

We left Louisiana and drove by some wonderful looking beaches in Alabama.

Nesting Turns are protected on the beach as they nest
We arrived in Pensacola just in time for supper. We pulled into Walmart at 4600 Mobile Highway, stocked up, had supper and hit the hay.
I must say we are VERY THANKFUL that most Walmarts allow overnight parking. Some people don't understand why you would want to camp in  a Walmart parking lot. We don't call it camping, we call it overnighting...

When camping we prefer to dry camp, dispersed camp or boondock however you want to call it. We hate to pay for camping (we pay enough for fuel) and we prefer to be surrounded by nature with few neighbours and just enjoy what nature has to offer (and as we were able to do in much of Arizona, Utah and New mexico) but there are times when you are moving from one destination to the next and you basically just need to sleep.

Florida RV parks are expensive!!! Beach parking is not posible, National Forests are slim pickings and even rest stops on highways here only allow you to stay for 3 hours so

What do you think about Walmart allowing overnight parking?
Have you stayed in a Walmart parking lot overnight?
Do you call it camping or overnighting?

I am sure we are not alone...I'd love to hear from some of you though.
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