Sunday, May 29, 2011


We were all prepared to stay at Walmart in New Orleans and at the last moment decided we would be better off getting a campsite so we could leave the trailer and not have to cart it around the choice as towing a trailer around the city wouldn't have been fun.

We stayed at Bayou Segnette State Park for $26 per night.

Kind of steep but it does include laundry and hot showers. The fee in the winter is only $18 I think so quite the jump for a change of season. The park was nice but we barely stayed there...hence the reason we were thinking of staying at Walmart. It's hard to swallow $26 per night when you are just there to sleep. The park also has a wave pool which just opened for the season when we were there but we didn't go. Admission to the wave pool was $10 per adult and $8 per kids so we decided we had better things to do while in New Orleans.

The girls did enjoy the playground

and I got some laundry done for FREE. However Free...means free with maybe working machines. At our laundry station there were 2 washers and 2 dryers but one washer was out of order so doing 5 loads of laundry took awhile to do at a few different early morning times and a late evening. (I actually stayed up until 3:00 am one night to get the laundry finished before leaving in the morning)

During the couple of days we spent in New Orleans we:

Took the Algiers ferry over to the French Quarter,

Walked down Bourbon Street, (during the day on our first day)

While on Bourbon we saw a band pass by and didn't realize it until afterwards
that it was actually a wedding party walking by

One of the people in the wedding gave Sierra some roses.

In the evening on the second night

These Hand Grenade were yummy adult drinks... but Aayla got one because she did a face plant out of the stroller...see the blood on her shirt...banged up her mouth pretty bad so she needed a stiff! Just kidding about the drink, the banged up mouth did happen, but the girls enjoyed water in their cups!

Ian is a little perplexed by this street light which had
both stop and walk lit up at the same time???
 Saw some other French Quarter sites

Another wedding getting some pictures on Canal St

Ice creams in Jackson Square

We would have bought Andy one of these Ketchup
shirts but they only came in kids sizes!

More funny T Shirts...

Took a stroll through the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery.

We visited Storyland (I wasn't impressed to have to pay $3 each to visit this park. It was small and in need of paint repair and upkept. A lot of the buildings were boarded shut instead of being fixed...the girls didn't care but really if we have to pay use the fees to maintain the park please)

Sierra practicing her dancing for her wedding
Mr gnome even is teaching her to dip

Beside Storyland is a small amusement park where rides are $3 each or you can buy a wristband for all the rides for $20. We were going to choose one ride but the vintage carousel was broken so we went across the park to a free playground.

Enjoying an ice cream which believe it or not
 was only $1 from the icecream truck!

Who did we discover LOVES Shrimp???

 Yep Aayla is a little shrimp monster! And the rest of us splurged on some great food too.  We ate Gumbo, Jumbalaya, Muffaletta (the best and biggest sandwich in the world for less then $8) and the best seafood platter ever!!!

We even got to see my first ever Armadillo at the campground one evening.

All in all we had a great couple of days in New Orleans...tomorrow we are off to find some nice Florida beaches :)

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