Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mesa Verde

Today we headed towards Mesa Verde

We were going to stay at Echo Basin Ranch as they are part of Passport America and we need to do laundry but they weren't fully opened for another week due to some winter water problems. You could stay for a discount but with no laundry we went straight to Mesa Verde and thought we'd look for a different park aferwards.

FYI You have to disconnect from your trailer to enter the park. If we knew this ahead of time we might have tried harder to find an RV park.

We stopped at he visitors centre and got a nice surprise...

We explored Sprucetree house as it was an easy rail for the girls.

Aayla preferred to bum scoot down the hill :)

We drove by Cliff house as the ladders would have been to hard to go on with the girls so we didn't take the tour.

Afterwards we headed to Durango in hopes of boondocking at Walmart (we needed a few groceries too) but they are NOT RV friendly and don't allow over nighters so we headed out of Colorado to New Mexico...yep 3 states in one day again. We spent a few hours a Mesa Verde and still travelled 494 km's today.

We stopped a Navajo Lake State park for the night but it's late and dark so I'll have to let you know how it is in the nex post.

I hope all is well at home. Missing you all :)
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