Friday, May 20, 2011

The Bug Queen strikes again at Hidden Valley RV Park

We are parked at a little place called Hidden Valley RV Park. It doesn't look like much as you pull in on Campground Rd but it is a nice, quiet little piece of the country and only about 15 minutes from downtown San Antonio. (A review will follow)


A little blue dragonfly and a brown butterfly...
Sierra's newest bug friends she caught all by herself.

The field beside our spot has been Sierra's main bug hunting grounds.

 The horses in the land beside the RV park have been a lot of fun for the girls too.

There are even hammocks here in Bonfire Cove. An area with shelters, hammocks and a commmunity bon fire pit and barbeque grills.

Does this look a little similar to another photo mom?

We are really enjoying our time here :)

Teri who owns the RV Park where we are has a couple different blogs.

and RV Giggles...this one only has one post buy boy is it worth the read!!! I am still laughing so go check it out!
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