Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The GRAND Canyon

We have spent the past 2 days at the Grand Canyon and let me just say that the pictures do not do it justice! It's called the Grand Canyon for a's GRAND. It really takes some time to sink in. My heart is still in Sedona and I think Bryce Canyon, National Arches etc will have a bigger emotional connection for me. I did enjoy seeing the Grand Canyon and am disappointed the North Rim is closed for another couple weeks

Although the Grand Canyon is beautiful I really have a hard time appreciating just how vast and emense the Grand Canyon is. It is hard to perceive the depth of the Canyon. If I were hiking one of the trails, or looking up from the bottom I think I would appreciate it a whole lot more. I have a hard time looking down, it seems backwards???

We have a free campsite again tonight only minutes from the Grand Canyon in the Kaibab National Forest.

And there is a free dump/water station at Trailer Services in the Grand canyon park. This is a free service to anyone and everyone.

I'll let the pictures of the last couple days spent at the Grand Canyon speak for themselves...

Can you find the guy sitting and playing guitar? There's a close up below...

These Elk walk all over the Grand Canyon area

Sawing up some fallen trees for the fire tonight

collecting pine cones for the fire

Once again a dirty wouldn't recognize her if it were clean!

This is Bright Angels is LONG and is an overnight trail to complete

Sierra did her own hair today!

We took a bus tour and got off at 8 of the 9 stops ending at Hermits Rest
and by that time the girls were ready for a rest themselves

Trying to get just the right angle

Sierra taking a little break

Tomorrow we are on our way to somewhere around Page.
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