Sunday, June 5, 2011

REVIEW West bay Oaks, Largo, Florida

West Bay Oaks Mobile Home and RV Park. More of a mobile home park then an RV park but they do have a couple sites available for reservation or drop. This was the cheapest place we could find near Clearwater. There is no possibility of parking at Walmart  or street parking so this was the next best thing money wise.
Value 1/5
We paid $18.50 a night with our Passport America membership but the park offered nothing much more then a place to sleep.

Site Quality 2/5
Sandy pads with bark mulch thrown over them. Not very level and the levelers sunk into the sand when you drove up on them. Electric, water and sewer hook ups.

Facility Fun 0/5
This site didn't offer any services. It's basically a mobile home park for age 55+ with a few RV parking spaces. They allow families for short term stays but not to move into the park.

Natural Surroundings 1/5
Large Oaks are all over the property but the are no trails  etc.

Bathrooms N/A

Staff 3/5
The manager was friendly and very laid back. We didn't have correct change to pay so he said to bring it by in the morning, no problem. Not much other contact with him. Some of the residents stopped by to welcome us to the "neigbourhood". One neighbour introduced her cats to the girls and the neighbour beside us was very welcoming and friendly and even helped Ian to hook up with another resident to find a place to watch the hockey game.The people who live here were all wonderful, warm and welcomed us in with open arms.

Location 4/5
This is close to Largo's Central Park and only minutes from many beaches including Clearwater Beach and Pier 60. Smaller shopping areas nearby.

Overal 1/5
We knew we would only sleep here as we wanted as much time on the beach as possible and there are many beaches to choose from. The park offers nothing much more then a place to sleep which we could have done for free if Walmart here would allow it but the city doesn't even allow parking on the streets. Would I recommend you stay here...not really. It's fine for a stop over, or for easy acess to the beaches but it doesn't offer anything more then friendly neighbours.

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