Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last day at Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney

This morning we got up extra early to go in for Magic Morning where the park opens an hour early (8am). As we were halfway to the boat I realized I forgot the Disney Tickets. We flagged down a Fort Wilderness Staff member on his golf cart to run Ian to get the passes in the trailer and back again. THANKYOU so much! We made the boat with literally less then a minute to spare and we spent one last loooong day at Magic Kingdom from 8am until 10:30 after the fireworks.

Here at Disney World each park has a Magic Morning only once or twice a week. At Disneyland they do it everyday so there was more choice of when you wanted to attend a Magic Morning and therefore not as many people for that extra hour. It was fairly busy but I promised Aayla the day before we'd go to Dumbo first thing as she loves Dumbo but it always has such a long line for such a short ride.

Crowded streets even for a Magic Morning

Riding Dumbo for the first ride of the day
When we left the park on Sierra's birthday I was pretty beat. Walking around in this humid heat was taking it's toll on my Multiple Sclerosis. Even with the fast passes and the rider switches I was feeling very fatigued. I love the heat but it is too hot here to be enjoyable this time of the year. I think the snowbirds have it right...we are here in the wrong season! Back to point... I swallowed my pride (I like to pretend there is nothing wrong with me but if I am going to enjoy the rest of this Disney trip I need some help), and went to guest services and asked what their assistance program is. As it turns out you show them proof of disablity and they give you...
Which is your passport to short wait times. It isn't a fast pass but as far as I am concerned it is way better. It allowed me to have the energy to make it from 8:00am until 10:30 pm and still have a smile on my face and not have my body feel like a tight thick tingly tree trunk. This card allows an alternative acccess route to the ride which is generally the fast pass line. If the ride doesn't take fast pass you just go to the wheel chair access line and they put you on within a few minutes. For me I can walk and walk and walk and be OK but standing in lines is what hurts me and this heat makes it all the worse. This card was my life saver here at Disney. We had a great last day at Magic Kingdom.

Winnie the Pooh ride

To the teacups

Meeting Alice and White Rabbit

Speedway...Aayla loves this ride.

Astro Orbitor

 Then it was time for Aayla to hit her little playground again while me and Ian take turns taking Sierra on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad over and over and over again.

 Aayla is beginning to figure out the art of negotiation. "1 more minute Aayla", and we get her finger counting to show us she wants MORE minutes! Still no real speech but boy she can get her point across.
 A ride on the train back to mainstreet to get fast passes to see the princesses. Disney is currently giving fanatasyland a make over and with it I heard are taking out Toontown to make a Circus area of some sort so no Toontown :(

Getting water for the steam engine to finish it's trek

Fanatasyland will also have a new Ariel ride :)

I almost lost Prince Eric...I mean Ian to Ariels mesmerizing stare.
 More teacups!!!!
 Buzzlightyear...where I kicked Ian's butt!Oh no the girls got caprtured with Zorg!
 Back to Astro Orbitor. Just before getting on we saw a walking talking garbage can that was lots of fun.

 Time to go back to meet the princesses.

Aurora signing again...I tried to convince the girls to
 just get a picture but nope they wanted all
3 signatures again.
With Belle in her "beautiful dress" says Sierra

And last but not least...Cinderella

When we left the princesses we came outside to a nice little rain shower but it came and went quickly and was followed by the parade.

 Ian beat me this time on Buzz lightyear
 And yes tea cups once again :)

 The Counrty Bear Jamboree
 Meeting Tiana
 Playing games while waiting for the night time Electric Parade.

 The girls really wanted a balloon but there was no way I was paying $10 for a balloon...or make that $20 for 2!
 The Electric parade was a lot of fun.

I LOVE Tinkerbell :)

Then it was time for the fireworks. Before the fireworks they tried out a new light show which was pretty amazing but I couldn't get any good pictures of it. Basically they lit up the castles with photos from this decade and past decades and made a very nice light show. That descirption really doesn't do it was quite amazing to watch. The fire works...well as usual they were spectacular!

 The moon while we were waiting for the boat back to Fort Wilderness
Today we had a few errands to do so we took the day off from the parks again, did our errands and went to Downtown Disney for a bit.

The world of Disney Store is a HUGE maze to walk through and we got out as quickly as we could. The lego store however we spent a fair amount of time in playing. The statues all built of lego are amazing!

The girls played at the big lego table for awhile.

What great FREE entertainment! Aayla built some fun towers and Sierra and daddy built a race car.

And Lego's ploy to let us play worked...Sierra bought a small Pirates of the Caribean set and Aayla chose a small bucket of assorted peices. Aayla was like a kid in a candy store choosing from all the wonderful colours.
Enjoying the new lego before the rain comes :)
We are supposed to leave Fort Wilderness on Sunday but we are still waiting for some mail to arrive and news about "Little Brooke" but if all goes as planned and as we hope with "Little Brooke" and her speedy recovery we will hit Hollywood Studios once more, go to Epcot and then have Saturday to relax before hitting the road.

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