Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last lazy day by the Meadows pool and last Fort Wilderness campfire night

Today was our last day at the pool and the girls both had a great time. Aayla is gaining confidence on the slides and in the water in general.

 Sierra LOVES the water slide
 She found a baby toad...quite possibly the smallest toad on earth!

We headed to the campfire to waltch Gnomeo and Juliet. We got there a bit late and had to sit on the bleechers instead of the benches and Sierra was very sad that she couldn't get Chips signature. So sad in fact she started crying when they said pictures only...Chip felt bad for her and signed her book :)
 Waiting for the movie to start...
However after about 20 minutes they shut the movie down due to lightning :( so Sad! Escpecially since the lighting stopped right after they ended the movie and it didn't even rain! Boo hoo for our last night...
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