Sunday, June 5, 2011

Largo Central Park Train ride and Rainbow Rotary Playground

This morning we got up and headed straight back to Clearwater beach. Since our bodies all had more sun then needed yesterday despite numerous applications of sunblock, we only stayed for a few hours and then headed to Largo Central Park.

Twice a month the park has minature trains rides by donation and we lucked out that today was one of the June days :)

Here comes our train

We got a private train ride

 Despite only my face looking red, Sierra and Ian are quite red as well from too much sun.

Lovely trees throughout the park

The walkways near the train depot have train crossings :)

Our train
After the train ride we headed over to the Rainbow Rotary Playground. This playground just got a BIG facelift recently and it basically is a bran new! There were so many cool play areas different from most playgrounds with a smaller area for 2-5 years and a larger area for 5-12 years but everyone enjoyed running around it all.

Musical instruments in the 2-5 area

Aayla LOVED this car

I loved this tree climbing area, and the mushroom swing of course.

Fairy houses in the table and chairs
Aayla loved the slides the best as usual.

Sierra made a friend and they buzzed around like bees most of the time all over the park and would stop to rest in the bee hive.

The park had many areas I didn't get pictures of but here are a couple more I did get a photo of

The girls both had a great time playing here and it was harder to pull them away from here then the beach was! If you are in the Clearwater area I would recommend taking a detour South East to this great park.

Eventually we had to leave and we headed back to pack up the trailer and headed to Tampa in search of a Walmart that allows overnight RV Parking. We finally found one after about 6 tries at 8885 N Florida Ave. A Walmart Neighbourhood Market which is open 24/7 and sells only food. A relief to find after so many tries. We are only passing through so we really didn't want to have to pay to sleep tonight.

Tomorrow we head to the zoo and then Costco to stock up for the next days adventures at Disney where we will be at for 9 nights!
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