Friday, June 24, 2011

Boondocking REVIEW near Snowhill/Girdletree Maryland

This spot at a National Wildlife Area tonight was a wonderful spot. The closest house was about a mile away and all we could hear was the crickets chirping and signing their song as the fireflies glowed.

To get here head South on the 13 from Snowhill (Maryland) to Girdletree. Continue South for about 3/4 of a mile until you see the below sign for the E A Vaughn National Wildlife Area on your left. (If you hit the town of Stockton turn around and go back. It will be shortly up the road on your right now.)

Value 5/5

Site Quality 3/5
This parking area near the National Wildlife Area (NWA) was beside an open field. The ground was packed dirt and was fairly level. We did use one leveling block to even it off. No other services here.

Facility Fun 3/5
We arrived at about 6:30 so just late enough not to worry about hunters as the signs posted said Dove hunting from noon to 5:00pm daily. There was a road in behind the gate but we didn't walk down it. The girls were quite happy to fly their fairy dolls around all the wildflowers in the field.

Natural Surroundings 4/5
In the middlw if a NWA so we were surrounded by forest and parked beside a wide open field. Lots of flowers, crickets and many, many fire flies in the evening.

Bathrooms N/A

Staff N/A

Location 3/5
This spot wasn't far from Pocomoke which is a fairly big little town and was about 40 minutes from Assateague Island. It was fine for a stop over. Not sure how much it is used for hunting but I wouldn't want to stay hear as a getaway if there is alot of hunting as the gunshots would certainly disturb the peacefulness of this spot!

Overal 3/5
If needed we would stay here again. It was a nice little FREE quiet spot for a stop over.

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