Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not quite what we had planned for today :(

This morning we left our National Forest Walmart location and headed to Virginia Beach. Like Myrtle Beach there are many places to park cars along the way however we did not luck out and find residential roadside RV parking this time. Finally we pulled over to a narrow pay parking area along the road and as we pulled in there was a parking sign overhanging the road that was in the mirrors blind spot. We ripped the awning all the way down it's side :( We were so mad we left Virginia Beach in a hurry and vowed not to drive in cities anymore! Parking 56' is NOT fun!

We headed towards Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland. As Ian ran into Lowes to get the supplies to fix the leak I decided to look up the park on the internet to see what time the entrance station was open until and realized that I misread the info the other day telling me they don't except camping revervations and it is walk in only. Apparently in the winter it is walk in only...this time of year you can reserve. I checked the online reservations and sure enough they were full.

We drove to the Ocean City Walmart and found these signs posted everywhere

I have a list of possible boondocking sites in the area so we headed backwards past Snow Hill to Girdletree to a Wildlife Management Area. We had to backtrack about 40 minutes but that was better then paying $68 or more to stay at the local RV parks that we looked up! We followed our directions and as we pulled down the road we saw a gate and thought "OH where do we go?".

But off to the right of the gate was a nice little area where we enjoyed the night.

It was quiet and peaceful. (There was a Dove hunting sign on the gate but apparently that is only between the hours of 12 noon to 5:00 so we missed having to hear any shots)

Ian was able to fix the leak, the girls enjoyed running around and flying their fairies through the field from flower to flower.

and I found a lucky patch of clover...

How many 4 leaf and 5 leaf clovers can you find in this picture?
 I have a natural ability to find 4 leaf clovers everywhere...I wonder how unlucky my life would be if I didn't find them all the time? Hopefully now we will we have better luck at Assateague Island tomorrow. I sure hope so anyway!

Warm Welcome wishes going out to John. He just bought a Surveyor as well and we hope he likes it as much as we like ours! I couldn't find a link to a blog for you John...if I missed it let me know and I will add it in :)
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