Monday, June 13, 2011

A Magical Disney birthday at Magic Kingdom

Happy 5th Birthday sweet Sierra!
A new Ariel dress for her special day with hopes to see Ariel at some point today. We were quite disappointed when we arrived at Disney and tried to reserve a character princess meal for her birthday and were told they have been sold out for 6 months. We talked on the phone with reservation people, we went to customer service and pleaded with them to try to make something work, but no one could do anything. All the character meals (not only princesses) are ALL booked this week.

So we got ready and headed straight to the carousel for 4 or 5 rides...afteral "princesses have more then one horse to take care of", so we always have to ride many times.

Then on a whim as we left the horses for their day at the stables and we decided to drop into Cinderella's Table and see if there was a cancellation. Can you believe it??? There was one. She said we had to go immediately and we said wonderful!

First stop is meeting Cinderella at the front entranceway to the castle for pictures, and then up to the dinning area.

 Then you walk up the spiral staircase to the dinning room.

As you are seated and waiting for your meal you are visited by each princess. First for us was Aroura (Sleeping Beauty)
 Next came Snow White who is Aayla's favourite!
 And then Ariel arrived and Sierra was overjoyed to see Ariel on her birthday!
 Next the Royal servant came around to pass out wands so the girls could make a wish on the wishing stars.
 Then Belle arrived.
 And she helped the girls make their wishes
 Then we had another surprise...a cupcake and it even had purple icing!!! How lucky was that!
 Sierra received a special card signed by all the princesses.
 And even shared her cupcake with her sister ;)

A Royal Celebration for sure! The all you can eat Breakfast also included a photo package. (At Disneyland you pay less for the meal (we did Ariels Grotto at Christmas) and then have to buy the package separately)

 Next we were off to the teacups

 We saw Alice and White Rabbit but they were going on break and Sierra didn't want to wait.
 Next it was Monsters Inc which was different then Disneyland. Both were very good! This one was a comedy show and they did a great job of making fun of the audience ;) instead of an actual ride like Disneyland.
 Then it was time for Slash Mountain. With a 105 minute wait time we were thankful for Fast passes
 And we discovered the full benefit of Rider Switch Passes. Aayla's too little so they give the other parent who has to wait a rider switch card so they can jump right in the fast pass line afterwards. Sierra had a blast as she got to ride with each of us and got double the rides this way.
 Aayla had to wait :(
Here go Sierra and me past the big almost 2 hours wait! Fast passes don't eliminate the line, they just speed it up. What is taking everyone else 105 minutes, is taking us maybe 10 minutes.

While we were going on Spash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster continuously with fast passes and Rider switch cards Aayla had a blast on this little playground. It doesn't look like much but she played here for a good couple of hours while we rode splash mountain and Thunder Railroad over and over and over again. So many times in fact the workers all called Sierra by name and at one point on Thunder Railroad the whole train sung her Happy was pretty special for her.

As we were leaving the park we caught the tail end of the Street Dance party.

And stopped by the castle for a last birthday photo.
maybe tomorrow we can get one with less people in the background

When we arrived back at the campground we stopped by to visit the horse and carriage rides. At $45.00 for 20-25 minutes we didn't go on one but Sierra enjoyed saying hello. They have trail rides here too but Sierra is too young for their regulations.

So we played at the playground for a few minutes then headed back to our site for cake and ice cream.
We picked up the cake a Walmart the other morning. Sierra was kind enough to let Aayla choose her birthday cake and Dora won over Cinderella. Not one of Meadow's magnificant cakes but it did the trick none the less.

Then we went to the pool for a quick swim and it was time for bed! Ahhh life is good! I am happy to say that Sierra thought this was the best birthday ever! Thank goodness as we feel really bad that she is missing a typical birthday at home with friends and family. Even though we are in the middle of a trip and spent a day at a theme park just like any other for our duration here, people wished her a happy birthday over and over again, making her day special...and well eating with princesses and riding roller coasters might have helped too...Aayla sorry you get the short end of the stick with your October birthday. We'll be home by then so you are stuck with a typical birthday :)
Happy 5th Birthday Sierra!!!
We are glad you enjoyed your special day!

We were hoping for a hockey win tonight but it's going to game 7.
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