Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day, Bye Bye Disney World and hello Ocala National Forest

This morning Sierra and daddy made pancakes together and mommy slept in :) Happy Fathers Day Babe love us all! Happy Fathers Day to my dad too and to all the other dad's out there in blogland!

Hopefully you can take a moment and watch this video below as it is a super cute Father's day video!

This morning we packed up and said goodbye to Disney World anfter having one last swim in the pool. We headed toward Ocala National Forest in hopes of finding a boondocking spot and we found a few.

On our was to the Ocala National Forest we stopped for fuel in Mt Dora where the temperature was 100degrees! Thankfully we have spent today driving and not walking around the parks! We headed into the forest from Altoona on Hwy #19. When we arrived at the forest and found our first spot near Buck Lake we decided it was too still hot to stop so we continued on.
Boat launch area at Buck lake
We continued up (North) the #19 through the forest and turned left onto FR 33 just South of Junction 314. Shortly down this road we found a spot on the right which would have been good but again it was still too hot so we continued on (the sign in the background says no motorized vehicles beyond the sign).

As we were pulling away we noticed the wiring from the slide hanging down so we had to stop to fix it.

Then we were off. We continued North on 19 again and turned left at 316 and turned North again just before the big bridge to Eurika. We drove a short distance and found a road on our right. It was 6:30 now and was finally starting to cool off. The girls played with the soccer balls and blew some bubbles before supper and bed. Tomorrow we hope to hit a beach and see how close we get to Georgia.

Our Ocala boondocking spot
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