Sunday, June 12, 2011

A relaxing weekend

Saturday morning we headed out to buy a few groceries as the camp store here is quite expensive. (1 litre of milk $2.95) So we stocked up with enough to hopefully last us our week left here and the girls got new Little Mermaid bathing suits.

The remainder of the weekend we spent at the campground (Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World) and stayed away from the park. Instead we spent a lot of time at the pool and playgrounds but since I was in relax mode I didn't cart the camera around with me very much.

Like the name of the swimming pool Meadow?

We also went to another campfire sign a long with Chip and Dale and watched Tangled on the big outdoor screen. We saw Tangled just before we left on our maiden voyage and I wasn't that impressed with it. This 2nd time around I loved it. Perhaps it was because we were laying outside with blankets and pillows while watching it on the big screen under the stars? What ever the reason it was a wonderful family evening. Almost exception...I took my camera without a card in it so no pictures :(

We were going to see Beauty and the Beast on Sunday night too but since we were heading to Magic Kingdom early in the morning to celebrate Sierra's birthday, we settled in early and watched it in the trailer and then hit the hay :)
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