Monday, March 28, 2016

Siesta Key Beach and Playground, Sarasota, Florida

Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota is definitely a beautiful beach but even on an overcast day it was sooo crowded. Parking was very difficult so make sure you go early if you plan to visit. We aren't early risers and pay for it in parking frustrations. We did however make it here before lunch and it still was crazy.

This beach also has a wonderful playground. In all honesty the playground was what made me decide to visit this beach (thanks to a pinterest pin).
Coolest Castle playground ever

It was a fun looking playground that resembled a castle and had numerous slides, rock walls and climbing apparatus nearby. It was fun for the girls to play on with dad while I tried to find parking.

The beach in the distance. It goes on with white fluffy sand for miles and is quite busy even on an overcast day in March. Luckily the water is still warmish.

Sierra was happy to finally have some bigger waves to play in.

These waves were a bit too big for Aayla's comfort zone and she forgot how much fun she had the other day in the little waves.

After some fun here  it was time for lunch and a drive to Shark Tooth Beach!
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