Monday, March 21, 2016

Peace River Wildlife Center, Punta Gorda, Florida

We visited the Peace River Wildlife Center and I would recommend this as an family friendly excursion if nearby. It is located at at 3400 Ponce de Leon Parkway in Punta Gorda Florida. However you need to use their GPS address of 3400 W. Marion Ave to easily locate it.

This wildlife center is a non profit wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated to preserving and protecting native species of Florida wildlife. They treat and rehabilitate orphaned or injured animals in the hopes to have them return to the wild. Those animals that can not return to the wild are given a permanent home here at the wildlife center. Admission is by donation.

The center is not huge but it is home to many many animals.

There were mainly birds here but there were also turtles and rabbits and other small animals but I didn't get photos. My favourite of course was a horned owl that was visiting. His handler was from New York I believe and every winter they visit the area and this Horned Owl has become a real "snowbird". He was a rescue bird. I do not remember the back story but I do recall the handler saying that he obtained papers to become this birds handler just days before the owl was destined to be destroyed.

The center had a small gift shop with a couple little displays which I thought were quite interesting.

Outside the wildlife center was Ponce de Leon Park.

It had a picnic are with covered tables and a beautiful view as well as a small playground.

There were fishing piers and a boat launch. 

As well as life jackets to borrow if anyone needed one.

There was a short walking trail which had little plaques along the way to inform you about some of the wildlife you were seeing along the trail.

As we were leaving we noticed a Great Blue Herons nest with a baby up above the wildlife center.

What a cutie!!
Next time we are in the area we will bring a picnic lunch and plan on staying for the day.

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