Wednesday, March 9, 2016

MOTE Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, Sarasota, Florida

We loved our time at MOTE! Regular admission was $19.75 adults and $14.75 for children ages 4-12 however this was another FREE excursion for us due to the  AZA Reciprocal program ( a savings of $69). See how we got our savings membership HERE.

We arrived just in time for a shark feeding.

Then it was off to the touch tanks.

Next up was the Explorations Gallery.

Then we went to the Florida Bay Habitats Exhibit.

Intrigued by the puffer fish

Then we headed to the Skate touch tank.

Sierra learning about the Ray's stinger.
A stinger on display
Oh NO we almost lost the girls to  great white!

 A few photos from the creatures of the reef exhibit.

Then we crossed the road to the other section that houses the manatees, sea otters and sea turtles. The otters were sleeping and we weren't able to see them but the turtles are always fun to watch.

We watched the manatee for awhile and then saw how we measured up in size to a manatee.

With all this exploring we worked up an appetite and had to head out for lunch but we loved MOTE! We wished the otters were awake to watch them play but heck we can't complain. 

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