Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bradenton Riverwalk, Florida

We spent the morning at the South Florida Museum, had some lunch and then went for a walk along the Bradenton Riverwalk.

I must say we enjoyed this walk. It is an easy walk, stroller friendly and has lots of fun little stops along the way as well as little activity areas. 

This Butterfly Garden Discovery Stop was a garden area made to explore with plants that attract butterflies. 

Another Discovery Stop was the Tidal Marsh.

There was a wonderful playground area.

There was a splash pad to cool off in behind the playground area with washrooms and water fountains nearby. A great area for a picnic lunch and an afternoon of fun!

Along the walk there were various sitting areas so you could stop and rest and enjoy the river view. Sometimes they were just regular park benches but sometimes they were wonderful loungers.

There was a skate park and volleyball nets.

There was an amphitheatre for outdoor shows.

Aayla was excited to see a train go by, travelling over the train bridge across the river.

We really enjoyed our afternoon playing and exploring here. What a wonderful spot for both locals and tourists. If only more communities would take their lead and create similar outdoor living spaces.

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