Monday, March 7, 2016

Overnight at Palmetto, Florida, Walmart

We had an extra night between leaving Peace River and our new reservation at Terra Ceia RV Park and stayed at Walmart in Palmetto. We use RV Parky (mainly use the App) a lot to find over night spots on travel days. We always call to confirm with the location before we arrive as we want to hear it right from the store to ensure we are allowed and are parked where they want us to park.
508 10th St East, Palmetto, FL

When I called Terra Ceia to see if they had room and we would come a day early I was told they were full and they had no overflow area. So imagine my surprise when we arrived and I saw an over flow parking area. It's hard to see the sign but it states on it "Overflow area".

Not sure why we couldn't park there but glad we had a Walmart to fall back on until it was check in time here at Terra Ceia.

We love using Walmarts when we are passing through areas. We hate to pay to basically just sleep somewhere. We can easily spend the night unplugged with our solar system. Plus staying a night at Walmart allows me to get some shopping done without making a special trip, thereby freeing up more time to explore or relax when we get to our destination. So Thank you once again Walmart! We certainly appreciate you!!!
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