Monday, March 28, 2016

Caspersen (Shark Tooth) Beach, Florida

One of the beaches we have been looking forward to going to was Caspersen Beach otherwise known as Shark Tooth Beach.

However we had no luck finding any teeth, or shells, or much of anything at this beach. Luckily too I guess as it wasn't until our way out that I saw the sign that said no disruption or removal of anything from the beach. This sign I find odd as their county website lists this beach as a great place to find shells and shark teeth (see link above). So I am a little confused as to if it is OK to go shelling here or not.

We spent a couple hours here. Ian thought the best way to find shark teeth would be to dig a hole... but he didn't have any luck.

I did my usual walk of the beach with mom. The sand here is a dark grey colour instead of the sandy white.

I found some interesting egg sacs which I put back out in the water as they were a live still. I have no idea what they are but I hope they survive.

Aayla enjoyed sitting and watching the waves, going for a swim, playing with some sticks and watching the waves some more.

Interested in looking for shark teeth? Some tips for finding them HERE. Also if you do find some here is some info on shark teeth identification HERE.

Have you visited Shark Tooth Beach? Did you have better luck finding anything? Next time we go to Florida we will be buying one of those metal sifters for sure.
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