Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Hunt at the Shell Factory, North Fort Myers, Florida

The Easter Bunny found our trailer thankfully.

There were eggs everywhere inside and outside of the camper. Once they were all collected the girls traded some of the Pershops and Shopkin toys that were inside the eggs. Then we decorated our cookies that Sierra picked out at the store the other day.

 After we headed to The Shell Factory, Nature Park and Fun Park in North Fort Myers. It was advertised that they were having a free egg hunt for the kids.

Well they had an egg hunt which was basically just walking around the trail in the closed Nature Park area and being handed eggs by the volunteers a long the trail.
waiting for the trail to open

Receiving their first egg on the trail
After we walked the trail it was advertised that the Easter Bunny would be there...he was not.

So we explored a couple things like the fire truck and rock wall and tried to make the best of it.

 Then we headed inside to look at their "tourist trap" store.

We bought a few tickets so the girls could play a couple games.

 Posed for a couple pictures and wandered around before leaving.

I know it was a free event but we couldn't even see half the animals and if we wanted to, we had to come back in a couple hours and pay full admission to "see" the nature park. To be honest after walking through it I don't think it was worth coming back to see really (adults $12, kids 4-12 $8).

I think the event would have been so much better if they had a discounted admission and let you enjoy the park. Or even full admission with an egg hunt as an extra treat. I guess their hope was that people would hang out and do other paid stuff in the park and come back (and I am sure some did). Those activities in the Fun Park would add up quickly too. Fun park fees were as follows: Paddle boat and fish food $5, Mini golf $/ kids $4, bumper boats $5, Trampolines $3...thankfully their rock climbing wall was free.

I felt like we were being nickle and dimed and we left. I hate free things that aren't free as a form of advertising and I felt really let down. We thought this would be a great family Easter event. Win some and loose some I guess.

Have you visited the Shell Factory? What are your thoughts?

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