Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sanibel Island, Florida: Tarpon Bay Road Beach

Tarpon Bay Road beach is located at the end of Tarpon Bay Rd, at the intersection of Tarpon Bay Rd and West Gulf, on Sanibel Island, Florida.

This beach was more of a local beach with fewer visitors (other then those staying in the condos along the beach so a lady we told us). This lady vacations here every year here and each year they spend the week making a group sculpture. This year they built a labyrinth. Ian gives it a try below.

We saw a few other sand sculptures a long this beach but this mermaid was our favourite.

My mom and I at Sanibel Island

 We are so glad Scout could join us today too. She went home with  sunburned legs but I hope her memory of the day with us is as wonderful as ours is. Thanks again for spending the day with us!

 Is that a snake on the beach? No learn what it is HERE.
If you read above you would have learned it was a Lightning Whelk egg sac. Aayla returns one to the ocean just in case any are still alive.

 Shelling in Florida is legal. However removing shells with live creatures in them is not so always be careful to not remove anything with a live animal in it. Here is our haul from all three beaches for the day. We found some beauties!

We loved our day at Sanibel Island but will return again for sure as we didn't hit all the beaches and of course I want to return to my favourites and do some more exploring around the island.
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