Monday, April 4, 2011

What do you do with all the DVD's?

I have to admit...our children love their DVD's and they have way more then probably necessary. With Meadow I always limited her TV as a child and I never imagined that I would be any different with Sierra and Aayla but they get to watch a lot of movies and TV's. My husband and I have our own favourite shows so it makes sense they would have theirs too and Friday night Family Movie nights just wouldn't be the same without a movie to go along with the popcorn...    :)

With our upcoming departure approaching very quickly I decided we needed to find a way to make their movie collection more compact.

I took this stack of DVD's
and placed them all in a large DVD/CD travel case.

In order to protect the DVD's from little fingers I then took out all the cover pages from each DVD case, cut them in half and added them all into a binder. It was a tiny bit time consuming but will save us from having to replace scratched DVD's on the trip and well worth the time invested. They are also much more compact now for the trailer and there is less clutter in the house with all of the cases as well. A win win situation all around.

Even if you don't have kids, you most likely have some movies or CD's and if you are short on space this might work for you to!

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