Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead area

Today we took a day trip to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead with Jay and Liz. A great day with friends :)

Liz, me and the girls took the basic tour for $8 per adult and the guys did the $30 secret tour and really liked it. It took you deeper into the damn and got to see more behind the scenes "things". The dam is quite the amazing achievement and the pictures don't do it justice. You just can't capture the enormity of it in photos.

Playing a game which demonstrates how much
electricity each gadget in our home uses
and how much energy you need to produce
to keep them running
Sierra making her own electricity

Aayla giving it a try too
This wrench is as big as Sierra is

Ian trying to turn the nut

Aayla determined to get a drink all by herself!

Sierra the budding photographer at 4!

A family photo at Hoover Dam
Both aayla and Sierra are in LOVE with Liz
Aww kisses for the engaged love birds

This one belongs in Hollywood

Jay and Liz

Me playing with my new lens

Secret corridors

After leaving the dam we took the scenic drive back to Vegas which ended up being a pay to enter National Park at Lake Mead. We didn't mind though as it gave us a chance to pick up our America the Beautiful National Park Pass. We will be using it over and over again during our trip and it will save us a bundle! And it was a very pretty lake to drive around.

Both girls could have stayed here for hours.
They are expecting the trip to be full of beaches
and this is the first one they have seen, but
Texas will be here before we know it!

On our way home we finally found the world famous sign

As mentioned above I bought a new lens. My point and shoot (less then 6 months old) died so I wanted a lens for my Canon Rebel to replace my point and shoot and my zoom lens all in one. Since the Tsunami wiped out a few manufacturing plants their were no Canon lenses to be found so I bought a Tamron 18-270 lens and so far love it. I have noticed a regular spot in my pictures and have been cropping it out but since we were lens shopping I had my Canon cleaned only to find out the spot was actually some type of fungus growing and it couldn't be cleaned. Since we are on a major trip I NEED a new camera so the search is on for a new Camera!

WELCOME wishes to mdfoster! Happy to have you join us Uncle Mike and Auntie Joan!
***edited to say apparently I don't know my own families user names...welcome to our cousins Mal and Diane :)  ******
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