Friday, April 22, 2011

More Area 51 fun

We woke up early this morning and headed for Groom Lake which is in Area 51 and is off limits. The unmarked road was about 2 km's from Horneys where we were camping.

 The road heading to Groom Lake is abut 25 km's of a dusty, dirty gravel road. 

It was surprisingly smooth though. We assume the dust is there so the base can get a heads up that someone is on their way towards them. Rumor has it by the time you enter the road, and drive the 25km's, the base knows everything about you.

We found a few spots that would have been great to camp at as well along Groom Lake Road so if we were to ever travel here again, we would stay here for sure. 

We had turned into the road last night after visiting the "white mailbox" but since we had the trailer on at that point we didn't want to venture down and find out the area was too small turn turn around in.

As we pulled up to the beginning of the base road there are sensors to detect movement. 

You are welcome to  walk around here so long as you do not cross the line. There are red marked poles to show you the line but they are spread out and you don't want to make the mistake of walking on the wrong side of the line! From what Ian tells me the "Camo dudes" will make a visit if you get too close and will pop in to see you if you are camping too near. For us, they drove part way to meet us in their truck, sat and watched for a while then left. 

Ian said they would come around and sit ontop of the hill and look down and sure enough they did.

Ian did manage to get out and I got a couple pictures from the safety and security of the truck.

Then off we went, back down the 25KM's of dirt road 

Cattle crossing

The road is in open range area so don't be surprised
to see a few cattle walk by

to load up the trailer and head to Las Vegas!

Some scenery along the way

Ian at the sign for the Extraterrestrial Highway

Welcome wishes to Jackie and meadowsh for following our blog...even though their family I am so glad they are following along :)
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