Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A long day of travel...

Today we had a catch up day of travel. We left Yakima Washington at 8:05 am,
About to leave our noisy rest stop near Yakima

Got gas at $4.39 in Washington

Not sure where this guy was headed on the bike but I was
happy to be in the truck and not that bike on these quickly elevating hills!

scenery over looking farmland

Sierra having fun drawing on her dry erase board

Aayla is proud of her drawings :)
had lunch for about an hour in a rest stop just past Pendleton Oregon,
Parked at the rest stop
Sierra horsey has a good gallop...oh sorry no here she is cantering!

Sierra horsey wanting to get her mane combed


A Booo!
passed through Blue Mountain summit, elevation 4193, (even though we spent the $300 to find ut our very loud truck was not having transmission problems, we were glad we did as there have been many times now it has happened and we now have peace of mind that the truck is doing exactly what it is supposed to do!), entered into the mountain time zone
Filled up again in Oregon...for $4.39 not the $3.99 posted...
that price is for locals only

This truck is pulling 3 trailers...we don't see that at home

A train shot for Aayla as she loves trains

Can you see the smoke ring? I know gross that it came out
of a factory but it still looked cool

Horsey shot for Sierra...she loves pointing out all the
livestock as we drive

Left Washington this am, passed through Oregon and have arrived in

and made it to Garrity RV Park in Nampa Idaho at just after 4:00. We chose a Passport America RV Park tonight as we wanted to plug into wifi for a reasonable price and so we could be near somewhere where Ian could see tonights game. Since we are in transit we haven't minded the Walmart and the Rest Stop night and will do both again I am sure, but I certainly have missed the wifi.

We dropped the trailer, set things up and Ian hurried out to find a bar to watch the hockey game while me and the girls played in the sunshine, had supper, read stories and got settled into bed. Our goal today was to make up ground and I think we did pretty good!

 Unfortunately the Canucks didn't win tonight but Ian got a good laugh of people asking him whatkind of basketball that was...not big hockey fans around here. The girls and me had so much fun playing outside this evening that I forgot to take pictures of the RV park we are at. I will do it in the am, and will add them to the next post and will d a review too. Today is our first day for Wifi (only 2 bars??? and is slow) as our Mifi didn't arrive in time so they are shipping a new one to meet up with us in Las Vegas as we have plans to meet friends their on Friday for Easter weekend.

So depending on wifi access on the remainder of the trip to Vegas I might not be able to catch up again until Vegas... until then enjoy todays pictures!

Missing everyone at home...and Sierra especially wants to give smeone a big got it... Grammy...please give your dog a big know who misses Rosie!
Sierra with grammy's doggy Rosie before we left
PS she misses you too grammy!!!
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