Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Nampa Idaho to Wells Nevada

Today is Ian's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!
The girls drew some pictures for him last night while he was out at the game and we surprised him this morning in bed.

Yesterday we travelled a total of 644 km's and made up some time. So we didn't feel too bad when after leaving Garrity RV park we stopped about 10 minutes later when we saw a Camping World...perhaps we shouldn't have stopped??? We left after an hour with a  Wineguard Carryout Satellite system for the RV.

Before buying it we called Dish Network to make sure that being from Canada we could still hook it problem we were told on the phone. So we purchased it and were on our way again. It wasn't until we arrived in Wells and tried to call and get it hooked up that we ran into a problem. After numerous attempts at trying to get an actual voice on the phone we found out we MUST have a US billing address even though we are paying via credit card??? Luckily we were able to use our Aunt and Uncle in California! Thanks again!!! We liked this system because we can use it as pay as you go. Use it when you want and then cancel it until the next trip. It is supposed to be compatable with Bell as well so we are hoping we can get it to work at home and in Ontario and Nova Scotia when we are there on this trip.

Buffalo near Camping World
Some of todays views while driving our 460 km's to Wells Nevada

We like spotting windmills however those of you who haul RV's
will agree that driving in strong winds is not fun!

Ian driving us down a windy stretch of highway

The rains in the distance

Gas in Jackpot Nevada at $4.60...FYI if you can make it
to the next town gas is 40cents cheaper!!!

Both girls enjoying SUGAR FREE Ring Pops!!!

A family of deer

We arrived in Wells after 460 Km's today and stayed in the parking lot of the 4way casino/bar/restauraunt and truckstop and we made it just as the rain past right by us. The parking lot is so big that we were able to park far enough away so the trucks didn't keep us awake.

Tomorrow we head towards Area 51.
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