Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chloride...Route 66 and boondocking tonight

After searching yesterday I finally found a T3i I could buy. It was slim pickings as far as Canon products around. I was camera happy today trying out my new toys :)

After leaving Nevada we headed towards Kingman  Arizona and made it as far as Chloride just in time to get out the satellite for game 7 for the Canucks against Chicago and we WON! Yeah Canucks we are moving on to the second round!!!

Donna of 2takinga5th emailed me a collection of boondocking places (Thanks again Donna they will be VERY helpful) and Chloride happened to be in it. Since we were rushed for time we pulled into the first place we came to which was the old school thinking it was the VWV and free. Parking here for the night was $5.00. Water and Electric were available for $10.00 more. We didn't have time to look for a free site so we paid the $5.00 and set up for the game.

In the morning we went a little bit further up the road into Chloride and stopped at the Visitors centre.
the Visitors Centre in Chloride
He was very helpful in pointing out areas to put on our list of things to do on our planned route. Before leaving we took a quick walk around are some of the sights we saw in this little ghost town who refused to die.

Mommy get me out of Jail
Aayla escapes

A few cacti are in bloom
Boots hanging on a fence

This was Sierras favourite yard art...A Horse of course!
An Antique shop

Main street of town

Old gas station

Love the vivid yellow

And the vibrant reds

From here we headed towards Camp Verde along Route 66.

A dust tunnel

Parked on route 66
Trying on some cowgirl hats

"Get your kicks on Route 66"

Daddy getting her "kicks"
Mommy getting her "kicks"
Once we started getting close to Camp Verde we began looking for a place to boondock. Along with the information from Donna we also purchased some guides from Frugal RV. These led us to travel a bit further North past Camp Verde to Coconino National Forest.

We didn't end up staying at one of the places recommended but found our own as the others were taken. Ian did an amazing job at backing us into a site most would have said forget it to! Pictures and more details of our boondocking site tomorrow. Until then sleep tight and have a great night!
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