Friday, April 22, 2011

REVIEW Boondocking near Area 51

This was a wonderful little spot. Here is what we found on the internet which led us to it.

"Horneys Reststop (LN 38.1 [15]):
  • Horneys is the only "official" reststop on the E.T. Highway. There are no facilities here, but a few trees that provide some shade. Access from the highway is possible with most trailers and RVs. This is a popular campsite in summer, and there is a good chance that you will have company here."
Value 5/5
It was FREE

Site Quality 4/5
Perfect for smaller RV's, campers and tenting. Our 35' trailer made it. The ground is soft in some places and if you go down the little hill you may need a 4X4 to get out. This is supposed to be an "official rest stop" and there are a couple OLD picnic tables provided but they aren't very usable as they haven't been maintained in a long time.

Facility Fun 4/5
The peacefulness of the great outdoors is upon us here. The roar of an occasional jet was lots of fun! We wished they came by more often!!! Go and explore the road to Groom lake or visit the "black mailbox" or the near by town of Rachel.

Natural Surroundings 5/5
This spot is beautiful! Mind you we had it to ourselves and it supposedly can get busy during the summer, but the hills, trails and night sky are all amazing! The area is sheltered from the wind and very peaceful. The night sky is amazing and you can sit and look at the stars for hours. The sky was clear for us and the stars and shooting stars were plentiful! During the day you can explore the nearby trails and hills. Very beautiful area.

Bathrooms N/A

Staff N/A

Location 4/5
It is an amazing location for star gazing, and close to Groom Lake Rd and the infamous "black mailbox". There is a nearby town of Rachel but we didn't go that far along the Extraterrestrial Highway. Other then that it is out in the middle of if you want to be alone with nature then this is a great place to be!

Overall 4.5/5
We loved this spot! If there were other campers present that might change but we had an amazing time here and if we didn't make arrangements to meet friends in Vegas for Easter then we would have stayed here longer just for fun! The low flying jets are LOUD and that may be a deterrent for some, but we loved it! They flew so close you felt like you could reach out and touch them. I personally am not an jet, UFO, or Star gazing fanatic but the time we spent here was so fun and I am so glad we did it! Watch out Roswell we will be visiting soon and since the UFO convention didn't happen here, perhaps it will be in Roswell :)

View of the road from where we were camped. You barely heard
the few cars that went by
Campfire rings are available. 

View behind us of a mountain and other camping sites

Sad looking picnic table
A camping area down a slight hill
Nearby museum that was closed both times we drove by.

Getting Ready to pull out

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