Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yogi Bear Camp Jellystone, Madison, Florida

This was our first time staying at a Jellystone park and we LOVED it!!! I read a few reviews that were less then positive for this location and I am so glad that I didn't let those negative comments stop us from going and seeing for ourselves. We are now Jellystones newest fans! I mean with this wonderful setting how could you not love it!

We spent a week here and it flew by! I didn't even leave the resort once. Ian left to get a few groceries  and solar parts but other then that we were quite content here. We spent our week on the Lazy River...

 Meeting lots of new friends. One girl and her family even stayed at Bushnell Walmart the same night we did and they parked right beside us! Such a small world. Somehow I did not get her picture though.

We tried out the water slides.  Aayla tried them too with the help of staff walking down behind her for most of the way...but when she said she had to do it herself she stopped.

There was also a pool with a water play area which Aayla enjoyed much more then the slides.

We would stay by the beach area for lunch and lounge in the sun.

When we wanted a break from the water there was still lots to keep busy. The bounce pad and bouncy castle of course were fun. This is where they spent most of their time when they weren't in the water. There was also a playground, mini golf, Ga Ga ball and more. All included with the cost of the campsite. The only things that cost extra was gem mining, the arcade and water wars. Even the mini golf was free. All supplies like golf clubs and basketballs etc were available for free rental in the office. You just needed to leave your drivers license as a security deposit. I love not feeling nickled and dimed here. You pay more up front to get more overall.

There was face painting and hula hooping.

There were free kayaks to float around on. You did need to leave your drivers license as a deposit for the paddles but there was no charge for these either.

 Last but not least there was Yogi Bear and wagon rides.

There were also many trails to ride your bikes on and if you have ATV's you can ride them on their acreage. This place is great!

Glowing review to follow :)

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