Sunday, April 10, 2016

One last Tallahassee, Florida stop...

While visiting with our friends in Tallahassee we took a walk at J R Alford Greenway Park .

There is a fairly new trail here that we walked. It's a new, safe way to cross over and above the railway tracks below via a big bridge and elevated walkway through the canopy of the trees.

 After crossing above the tracks the path winds around a lake. We spotted a huge alligator here but he doesn't look that big in the picture.

 Around the lake there are what they call fishing fingers. Places built for fisherman to fish from.

 Aayla examines a snail she found.

 Diesel stops for a drink.

There just happens to be a playground halfway around the lake.

Afterwards we went to Merv's and Ian ordered something which I can't remember the name. He looks totally unimpressed because this sandwich is too big to eat really. It literally had a burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. He ate about 1/2 of it. Who even thinks these things up?

We then headed to Tallahassee Fun Station and the girls had a blast! I don't personally like arcades but the girls had so much fun here and seeing their excitement as they scored armfuls of tickets was worth it!

Aayla was tickled pink she won a watch in one of the games.

We headed to Arin and Dawns for one last campfire with them and of course found some treefrogs.

 Since we are just passing through Tallahassee to say good bye to our friends we stayed at Walmart for the night. Thank you Tallahassee Walmart at 4021 Lagniappe Way!

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