Friday, April 8, 2016

Goose Pasture, Suwannee River Water Management District, Florida

We have heard a lot lately about Water Management Districts as being a great free or cheap places to camp in Florida and we decided to finally try one out. This is Goose Pasture and is part of the Suwannee River Water Management District (about an hour South East of  Tallahassee)...and it is WONDERFUL!

The spot we choose was it's own private little area almost. Not only was it a large campsite there was an inlet from the river which came right up to our campsite (see inlet water behind picnic table).

Then to left in the above picture was a point which was covered in flowers but blocked off with boulders so you couldn't drive onto it. This all essentially was our own little private oasis.

We loved that we had alligators visiting us every day. We saw a couple different gators basking in the sun here each day. Some would be scared off by the fact that gators were so close but for us it was a bonus!

There is a boat launch area where Aayla even went swimming and Sierra caught and released minnows. It's places like this that we really wish we had kayaks.

          Wait? What? I let my daughter swim near gators??? How could I? Here is my rational behind it. This area was a busy area with boats coming and going as this is a popular fishing and kayaking destination. Others were swimming here too. She stayed very shallow and I watched her continuously.

Also after visiting Wakulla Springs State Park I learned that they have a swimming area in the same river that we toured and saw about 40 BIG gators. When I asked the boat tour ranger he said that as a general rule alligators stay away and they have never had a problem swimming with gators nearby in the park. I did a risk/experience analysis and swimming won.

We spent four days at Goose Pasture, resting, relaxing, searching for wildlife, crafting and biking. The flower point beside us was a host to many butterflies.

Camping here was the perfect spot for some outdoor art. We painted...

 And sculpted...

There was a lot of gymnastics and jumping and cart wheels but not many pictures of...

There was rock climbing, biking, hiking and frisbee.

And of course I was off taking numerous pictures of the little details.


It was such a beautiful, peaceful spot and we hope to return some day (review to follow).

NOTE: If you go here and they call for a flood warning don't assume it's the river that will rise and you will be fine...the road is subject to flooding and you could get stuck here for long periods of time!
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