Saturday, April 9, 2016

REVIEW Goose Pasture Boondocking, Suwannee River Water Management District, Florida

Goose Pasture was our first experience staying at a water management area and we LOVED it!

To get to Goose Pasture from Perry, Florida: Travel 22 miles West on US 98 to Powell Hammock Rd. Turn Right and travel North for about 4 miles and then turn left onto Goose Pasture Rd. Travel West for about 2 1/2 miles and the tract is on both sides of the road (Fork in Rd, keep Left). Continue another mile and you end up at the campground.

One note of caution this area is subject to flooding. There was a flood warning while we were there and we didn't think too much about it as we kept our eyes peeled on the river level and there was no rain in sight. Flooding can and DOES occur on the roadway in, even when the river is fine. If the road floods you are stuck here until the water subsides and the road dries up. We spoke to one fisherman who was stuck once for close to a month. When we finished camping and were on our way to Tallahassee this fork in the road pictured below was under about a foot of water and looked like a mini lake. I was freaking hoping we made it without water damage and didn't stop to take a picture but I should have.

I heard mixed reviews about about the size of trailers that can park here too. Some places said no RV's, some said small RV's so I called the district office and they assured me we should have no problem finding a place to fit so we gave it a try. It's first come first served camping area so you have to drive there in order to find out if there is space or not. It is free to camp here and you can stay for 10 days but you do need to fill out a form when you arrive which is available at the self serve Kiosk. ***Note this Campground does close during hunting season so be sure to check the website for closure dates.

Being free (10 night limit) it doesn't get any better then that!

Our site was level, large had a fire ring and picnic table provided. It was off to the side and private with no near neighbours.

If you love nature you will think this site is a lot of fun! There is so much wildlife to observe, river to kayak on, trails to bike on, areas to walk, and there is a boat launch if you want to head out on the river to fish. Keep in mind if you want to go out for dinner or a show this won't be the place for you.

Being in the middle of no where you are in the heart of nature. Mature trees, river, trails...100% natural. Dark night skies, clean, fresh air.

Port o'potties on site for tent campers. No potable water so make sure you bring enough with you. They were very clean when we were there and easily accessible.

We didn't speak with a ranger while here. The ranger did drive through a couple times but he didn't stop to chat. The person I called to ask about RV size and our ability to fit was very friendly.

It is way out of the way on roads that aren't great to travel on when you are towing a 36' trailer. The roads are bumpy and muddy in places and really not meant for large RV's. It is about an hour from Tallahassee. If you needed to run for groceries there are a couple closer towns but who wants to drive over those roads more then they need to.

We LOVED it here! We were surrounded by nature, it was quiet and calm. It did get a bit busier as the weekend approached and more campers arrived. Most of the time it was fisherman and kayakers coming and going. There is no noise here, only the sound of nature for miles. The sky is dark and the stars are bright. The wildlife is abundant, the trails are great for bike rides. We hope to be back again. Did I mention there is an RV dump station here? No potable water but dumping our tanks before heading down the bumpy road again was a nice surprise.

Entrance to the campground and Kiok for permit behind the sign
Map of Goos Pasture campground
The view of our camping area from the road
River inlet from our campsite. This area was where we
had a small alligator basking in the sun daily.
Mr Alligator
Another campsite right on the river.
It's for tents only as rocks block trailer access.
Close up of the river campsite. 
Boat launch
River view
Another campsite

More campsites around Goose Pasture

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