Monday, April 18, 2016

Walmart boondocking through Indiana

After leaving Mammoth Caves National Park Campground we headed to Grand Design for a factory tour. The other day our tour got switched to Monday so we had a bit of extra time to get there so we drove extra slow, didn't rush and gradually got there staying at Walmarts a long the way.

We stayed at Walmart in Seymour Indiana at 1600 Tipton St and it had a new ALDI going in across the road. I fell in Love with Aldi when we were in Florida.

 Then we slowly made our way to Kokomo Indiana at 1920 Markland Ave for another night at Walmart.
We had planned on staying in Goshen but when we arrived and asked them where they would like us to park the lady said, "I'm really sorry but recently we changed our policy at this location and I have to tell you, you can't park here" so we continued on into Elkhart. We ended up at the 30830 Old US 20 Walmart for the night. It wasn't the greatest as there were a lot of trucks but it did the job. I guess it was busier then normal since the other locations nearby are banning over night parking.
Now we are up and headed to Grand Design for our tour of the factory where our new 367BHS which just came off the assembly line! We missed seeing ours by a day or so as ours arrived this morning at the dealership in Ontario. We will pick it up on the 20th!!!
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