Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mammoth Caves National Park, Kentucky

We loved our Cave tour at Florida Caverns State Park so we decided to stop and visit the longest cave system in the world at Mammoth Caves National Park.

We headed to the campground to get set up first.

Had a bike ride...

Played in the leaves...

Did some crafting...

At some point we went and got our Jr Ranger books from the visitors centre and booked our cave tour for tomorrow, then came back and made a campfire. You are not allowed to bring firewood into the park but you are allowed to collect dead-fall from the ground so we were all set for firewood. 

A favourite campfire pastime is lighting sticks on fire and creating torches.

As the moon came out there was more playing in leaves followed by lots of gymnastics. Sierra made a ton of gymnastic videos tonight. 

Looking forward to our cave tour tomorrow!
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